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Messaging system without dedicated server.

PC messaging program for Windows 11, 10, 7, 8, Android and Mac OS.

Windows LAN messenger is a program developed for an instant messaging within local area network. PC users can exchange short text messages with other users on the network, send and receive private messages and files, send broadcast messages to a group of users or all users of the network.
The program can be used in a home, office or corporate LAN. The utility has the ability to administer main functions of messaging client. An administrator can prohibit the use of certain functions of the application and change its settings. It can be useful in a large company with a wide infrastructure.

Business LAN messenger. Winpopup tool.

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Key features of Business LAN Messenger:

  • Sending a message to multiple recipients.
  • Video chat. Voice calls.
  • Broadcast messages to all computers on the local network.
  • Indicating the status of users, "Online", "Busy", "Away".
  • "Offline" messaging mode.
  • File transfer to other users of LAN.
  • Remote desktop access function.
  • An ability to create custom user groups.
  • Administration of program functions.
  • Message logging.
  • Dedicated server isn't required.
  • Application supports Terminal Server from Microsoft or Citrix.